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If you would like to add your business, B&B, hotel etc to this site, please choose from a package below. Your advert will be viewed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week throughout Dorset and the UK. With 1000's unique hits per month from across the UK, we are fast becoming the local and tourist ‘go to’ website for the South West

Using this website, social media, email and video to deliver the news to our readers we offer up to the minute advertising opportunities for businesses of all sizes. With opportunities from as little as £31.99/Annually we can get your brand in front of thousands of potential advertisers immediately. Without the lead times, set up costs, print and distribution dates of printed media you can start reaping the benefits within hours and there’s even the flexibility to change your ad whenever you want.

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Your business will be placed in the specific directory on the front page (making it easier for people to find you). It will also feature along side some of our rotational ads within the SIDEBAR and FEATURED section. Also to keep things fresh, we will also promote you through our social media outlets.
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Why Advertise?

  1. Advertising is the only medium you can control – if you want your message to hit on the day a product launches or event is about to happen, this is the only vehicle you control completely.
  2. Advertising allows you to target ideal customers only – when you match a very personal message to a very select audience you get far greater connection.
  3. Advertising creates awareness for your content – The force that drives a great deal of conversion and trust building these days is educational content – ebooks, seminars and blog posts – advertising is a great way to help get that content found and consumed once you’ve gone to the effort to produce it.
  4. Advertising adds credibility to your message – Don’t ask us why this is exactly, but every time we run advertising people comment that business must be going well. The perception that you can afford advertising is often enough to sell and resell prospects and customers alike and makes it easier to get attention for your entire message.
  5. Advertising amplifies everything else you’re doing – When you are using advertising to create awareness for your content you automatically create more awareness for everything you are doing. Journalists find companies that advertise, referral sources remember companies that advertise, people fan and follow and friend from ads, and employees can point to well-placed ads as a source of pride in place they work.